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Controlled Open Enrollment (School Choice)

Home School Option

Homeschooling is an education option in which parents educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional public or private school.  Home school students must be registered with their district's home school program.  Each parent is required to annually submit documentation to the district that shows their child is making educational progress.  The documenation can be a standardized test score or a portfolio review completed by a Florida certified teacher.

Home School Requirements:

1. Notice of Intent

    Parents must inform the school district if they plan to educate their children at home.  The Madison County School District has a Home School Registration Form that must be turned in.

2.  Determination of Curriculum

    Home school parents are responsible for providing their own curriculum.  Some parents choose to use a digital curriculum; others use a print based curriculum.  The curriculum is NOT provided by the district.

3.  In Florida, parents must maintain a portfolio for each student they are homeschooling. It's recommend maintaining both a physical and digital copy of your records in a safe place because Florida homeschool law requires the portfolio to be maintained for 2 years after recording. 

Parents are required to maintain records of the following: 

  • Attendance records
  • Immunization records
  • Log of all educational activities
  • Texts and workbooks used
  • Student school work samples
  • Test and evaluation results
  • Any correspondence with school officials

Home School Application

MyDistrict Virtual

  • Madison County Virtual School - Madison County Virtual School is a free educational option for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The web-based curriculum allows students to work online and submit their weekly work as they move through the lessons. Students are provided lesson plans for each day of the school week to ensure they practice the necessary skills to move to the next grade level. Students take a total of six courses at a time, comprised of the four core courses, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and two additional special area courses. Virtual Registration.docx (19.2 KBs)