2018 District Creative Writing Winners


The Magic Butterfly Ride - Alexa Coe
Elephants - Kianne Glenn
If I Could Be Any Animal - Trinity Robinson

First Grade

A Sad Whale Story - Dakota Tuten
The Prince and the Princess - Ilani Gallon

Second Grade

The Rock Adventures - Evie Smith
Super Fighting Heroes - Riley Sheffield
Lava Girl - Kamari Maxwell

Third Grade

Peacock and the Magical Zebra - Kendall Odom
The Day My Dream Came True - Ariel Barry
The Martian that Came to Earth - Kynobi Brinson

Fourth Grade

Please Don't Shoot - McKensie Fogle
The Pest - Addison French
Mountain Trail - Addison Taylor

Fifth Grade

The Swap - Jaidyn Wesley
Narwhal Tales - Hafitha Ayyad
Skunk on the Loose - Jackson Croft

Sixth Grade

Through A Child's Eyes - Daisy Contreras
Changing Fate - Deja Lee

Seventh Grade

The Taxi - Zaleigh Dixon
Gone Mother - Jaquan Robinson
Bullying - Jaohn Jackson

Eighth Grade

Grandma's Superhero - Cidney Hicks
Nature, Nature, Nature - Montrezus Hopkins
My Family Hero - Faizah Young

High School

Lilac Sky - Anna Collins