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Tropical Storm Elsa

July 6, 2021

Due to Tropical Storm Elsa, the Madison County Central School will be opening as a comfort station beginning tonight, July 6, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. Summer school is cancelled until Monday, July 12, 2021.   No animals will be allowed at the comfort station.

Summer school personnel, teachers, paras, food service workers and bus drivers will be off until July 12, 2021. All 12 month employees must report to work.

Shirley Joseph

Superintendent of Schools

Monica Dyke

June 25, 2021

The Madison County School District is saddened by the loss of health science teacher, Monica Dyke.  Mrs. Dyke had taught at Madison County High School for 16 years.  Many of her students started their health-related careers in Mrs. Dyke’s class.  We are keeping her family and friends in our prayers.

 Madison County High School will have grief counselors available on the school campus Monday, June 28 beginning at 8:00.  We encourage any students who need grief counseling to come to the school to talk to one of the available counselors or ministers.


210 NE Duval Ave.

Madison, Florida 32351



ARTICLE 1.                          Introduction


This document is intended to serve as an RFP for the purchase and installation of window tinting that would be applied to specified interior window glass within the school district buildings in Madison County Florida referred to as the school sites within this RFP, affecting the spaces known as School Building Sites.


SECTION 1.01          Locations


Your bid is for the purchase and installation of window tinting for the interior sides of the windows in each school building as stated below.


Madison County High School (tint color burgundy and silver)

AREA                         SIZE                                       COST

Bus side                      7’*36’                                      __________               

Lunchroom                 7’*10’                                      __________

Lunchroom                 7’*11’ (2)                                __________

Lunchroom                 7’*5’                                        __________

Lunch Double Doors 6’*5.5’                                     __________

Front offices                7’*9’ (2)                                  __________

Front office                 7’*26’                                      __________

Library Double Doors 7’*9’                                       __________

Library                                    7’*14”                                     __________

Library                                    7’*14.5’ (2)                             __________  

                                                                                    __________    Subtotal


Greenville Elementary (tint color green and gold)

AREA                        SIZE                                       COST

Lunchroom doors       2’*3’ (8)                                  __________

Lunchroom doors       4’*6’ (7)                                  __________

Lunchroom doors       3’*5’ (4)                                  __________

Office doors                3’*6’ (2)                                  __________

Secondary doors         3’*5’ (5)                                  __________

                                                                                    __________    Subtotal


Waypoint Charter (add school logo here)

AREA                         SIZE                                       COST

Front Office                7’*12’                                      __________

Secondary doors         4’*4’ (5)                                  __________

Secondary doors         2’*2.5’ (2)                               __________

                                                                                    __________    Subtotal


Pinetta Elementary School (add school logo here)

AREA                         SIZE                                       COST

Library                                    4’*9’                                        __________

Library                                    4’*17’                                      __________

Door                            5’*6’                                        __________

Office                          4’*14’                                      __________

Office                          4’*10’                                      __________

Blue door                    9’*4’                                        __________

Door                            7’*13’                                      __________

                                                                                    __________    Subtotal


Lee Elementary School (add school logo here)

AREA                         SIZE                                       COST

Office right side          5’*6’ (3)                                  __________

Center                         5’*10’ (3)                                __________

Doors                          7’*11’                                      __________

Doors                          5’*6’                                        __________

Left side door             5’*6’                                        __________

Left side                      7’*5’                                        __________

Drop off side               5’*8’ (6)                                  __________

Drop off side               4’*5’ (2)                                  __________

                                                                                    __________    Subtotal


Madison County Central School (tint burgundy)

AREA                         SIZE                                       COST

Window                      7’*12’                                      __________






Windowperf package 70/30 UV 7 mil 3226

Finish Gloss Caliper 15.5 mil (7 mil vinyl/8.5 mil liner)       __________


ClassicVue 8 mil calendared PVC                                         __________


CurvaLam 3-mil cast vinyl cold-laminating film

polymeric face stock with an optically clear,

permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.                                  __________


Labor costs total                                                                     __________


Warranty (must be at least 5-years internal application)        __________                                                   


Total Project Costs                                                   ________________________


Projected Start and Finish Dates                            ________________________



SECTION 1.02 Management


You will be expected to purchase all materials and manage the project.


SECTION 1.03 Contact Information


Please contact Ben Killingsworth for questions about proposal submission and/or project details; (850) 973-1529.



ARTICLE II. The Project


SECTION 2.01 Scope of Work


Purchase mutually acceptable materials.


Coordinate from beginning to completion the installation process; including any lift equipment necessary for the project.


Prepare the window surfaces for the window tint application.


Install the window tinting on the interior sides of the window surfaces.


Responsible for all clean up and removal of waste associated with the project during the installation of the project.

SECTION 2.02 Project Specifications


Installation process may be delayed and interrupted due to business demands at the school sites; you will need to be prepared to stop and start the installation process for multiple days. Out of area companies need to take this into consideration. If students are in session at the school sites, you must pass a Level II background check.  Contractor is responsible for fees associated with background check.


Installation will require lift equipment.


SECTION 2.03 Timeline


Milestone: Date:


Deadline for Proposal Submission:                 June 25, 2021 at 5 p.m. EST


Approximate Project Start Date:                    July 19, 2021¹


¹ Start date may change based upon demands at the school sites.


ARTICLE III. The Proposal


SECTION 3.01 Summary of Proposal


a) Expectations:


Contracts will be awarded based on the information presented in the proposals received. We will award contracts based on the proposal expected to be the most beneficial to our project based upon a variety of factors. The School Board reserves the right to award more than one contract, accept the lowest reasonable price offer, award contract before the proposal deadline listed in the timeline, award contracts before all proposals are received, and/or refuse any contract without obligation to the company offering the proposal.


b)  Deadline:


All proposals must be submitted to Ben Killingsworth by 5:00 pm June 25, 2021 to be considered.


c) Selection Criteria:


All offers submitted will be considered based upon the materials provided in the proposal by the deadline for proposal date (Section 2.03).



Consideration will be given to the:

  • Submission of proposal is received by the stated deadline (section 2.03).
  • Perceived ability for the proposed company’s ability to deliver their services set forth in the proposal.
  • Total cost to complete the project.
  • Product and installation warrantees.
  • References & Experience.
  • MUST be a certified approved installer of the type of materials chosen.
  • MUST have flexibility to stop and start the installation process due to interruptions due to demands at the school sites.
  • Ability to satisfy insurance requirements.


d) All Responses to be Delivered to:


Madison County School District

Ben Killingsworth, Safety Director

RE: Window Tinting Proposal

210 NE Duval Ave.

Madison, FL  32340




To be considered, complete proposals must be received no later than June 21, 2021 at 5:00 pm EST.


Proposals may be submitted electronically by the same deadline dates and times to : [email protected]


The proposal requester does not warrant proposals sent via email will arrive.


No bids will be accepted after the deadline date and time.


ARTICLE IV. Insurance Requirements


4.01 Indemnification:


[insert service provider] shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Madison County School Board, its agents, principals, directors and employees for any loss and liability incurred as a result of any damage to the Premises and property located thereon, personal injury occurring on the Premises, or any other claims, demands, liabilities and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) that directly or indirectly arises as a result of this Agreement. Madison County School Board agrees to submit to [insert service provider] in writing a detailed listing of all property damages or personal injuries for which Madison County School Board claims [service provider] is responsible, and Madison County School Board shall permit [insert service provider] representatives to inspect the property so damaged.


4.02 Insurance:


All insurance procured and maintained pursuant to the Agreement shall have such deductibles, limits and coverage’s and shall otherwise be in such form as the Madison County School District shall from time to time reasonably specify, be subject to periodic review and adjustment, and shall be issued by insurance companies authorized to do business in Florida. All insurance shall be obtained from reputable insurance companies of recognized responsibility and shall include an endorsement that such policy shall not be canceled or materially changed without at least thirty (30) days prior written notice. All coverage’s will be primary and non-contributory to any insurance carried by the Madison County School Board. Prior to the commencement of operations under this Agreement, Contractor shall deliver certificates of insurance with respect to all policies so procured and shall deliver certificates.


(1) Commercial general liability minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate on a per location basis. Coverage shall include fire legal liability, blanket contractual liability, products and completed operations, personal and advertising injury. Madison County School Board shall be added as additional insured.


(2) Excess/Umbrella liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of $10,000,000 per occurrence event. Coverage shall follow the terms and conditions of the commercial general liability, automobile liability and employer’s liability policies.


(3) Worker’s compensation liability insurance in compliance with all applicable statutory requirements, including employer’s liability in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.


(4) Automobile liability insurance in a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence for any auto, owned and non-owned autos.


(5) Employers liability insurance in a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per incident.




Prior to the commencement of operations at the Madison County School District premises, Contractor shall provide certificates of all coverage to the Finance Department at Madison County School Board at the following address:


Madison County School Board

Rose Raynak, Chief Financial Officer

210 NE Duval Ave.

Madison, FL 32351


JUNE 14-JUNE 29, 2021

Times and Bus Stop Schedules Will Be Adjusted During the First Week of Summer School


Greenville-Bus #31 – Olivia Bellamy

Lee & Madison-Bus #3–Richard Noel

STOP 1 – 7:00 - GES

STOP 1 - 7:00 - Old Lee School

STOP 2 – 7:10 - Haffye Hayes Park

STOP 2 –  7:15 - Meadow Run

STOP 3 – 7:15- Greenville Pt.

STOP 3 – 7:20 - Ravenswood

STOP 4 – 7:30 -Oak Estates

STOP 4 –  7:25 - County Camp & Byrd, 

                              Davis & Booker      

Head to MCCS & MCHS

Head to MCCS & MCHS



Pinetta & Madison-Bus 36 Debbie Odom

Madison & South 53-Bus 35-Nate Lee

STOP 1- 7:00-PES

STOP 1-6:45-South Shady Acres &

                        Jimmie’s Firestone

STOP 2 -7:10 -Cherry Lake Crossroads

STOP 2 – 6:55 – Corner of Moore &


STOP 3 -7:20 – 53 North & Adelie Trail

STOP 3 – 7:05-Madison Heights &



STOP 4 – 7:25 – Corner of Washington

                              & Livingston

STOP 4 – 7:10-Bunker & Parramore

STOP 5 – 7:35 – Pic ‘N Save

STOP 5 – 7:15 – Hilltop & Southern

                             Villas at the corner of

                             Sumatra & Pinckney

STOP 6 – 7:40 – Arbours

Head to MCCS & MCHS

Head to MCCS & MCHS


2021 Retirees

May 28, 2021

The District School Board of Madison County wishes to thank the following 2021 retirees for all their years of dedicated service:

Darlene Bland 

Joe Graham

Gale James

Leroy James

Myrtle Johnson

Linda McFarland

Susan Phillips

Barbara Rains

Shane Roland

Deborah Simmons

Rose Smith

Jean Stone

Joyce Taylor

Kim Washington

Peter Young

Student Emails

April 23, 2021

This is a message to inform parents/guardians and students that on the morning of 4/23/2021 the district was notified of a concerning email that was sent out to various grade levels at MCCS and MCHS. District and School Administration, along with the Sheriff's office, immediately began investigating to find the intent as well as the source from which it came. After investigating the origins of the emails, the subjects who sent the emails were brought in and questioned by administrators and the Sheriff's office. After consulting with the Sheriff's office and the Assistant State Attorney, it was determined that this matter would be handled by the school district.
Parents/guardians met with administrators as well as the Sheriff's Office. After consideration and viewing of facts and intent, there is no viable threat to students nor faculty. At this time, disciplinary actions have been taken for all students involved with the matter. At no time was the safety of students and faculty compromised. We appreciate the observance of our students and commend them for reporting this matter. We are all working together to create a safe environment for our schools.

Jobs Available!

April 21, 2021

The District School Board of Madison County is currently accepting applications for the following   positions:
Instructional Coaches - Early Literacy and STEM
Grants Supervisor
IT Specialist
PE Teachers
Kindergarten Teacher
Community Outreach
Social Studies Teachers - Middle Grades and 9-12
ELA Midle Grades
Science - Middle Grades and 9-12
Math - Middle Grades
Food Service
ESE Support - MCHS
Dean of Students - MCCS
Please contact Linda Irvine at (850) 973-5022 for information.
Bus Drivers
Please apply online at
Contact Ms. Linda Irvine or Dr. Travis Blue for more information at (850) 973-5022
Jasmine is the 2021 State Winner in Microbiology at the State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida.  She is a student at Madison County High School.  Jasmine has been offered $24,000 in scholarships and will be competing in the International Science Fair at the end of the month.  Jasmine has also been selected as an alternate in the National Youth Science Foundation attend the National Youth Science Leadership Conference this summer.  She will also be receiving a US Air Force prize package.